Bread Improvers & Softners



Arofrost is a bread improver developed for doughs that are to be refrigerated or frozen for baking later. Also gives freshly baked bread a first-class volume and stops the dough from drying out. Arofrost promotes doughs that are soft and elastic with good handling qualities. The product’s components ensure a stable crumb structure by strengthening the gluten, which enhances the retainment of the carbon dioxide produced by yeast. The finished product will have a soft, even-textured crumb combined with a fresh-keeping quality and superb volume. The product is ideally suited for all yeastraised products and refrigerated or frozen doughs.

aromatic driv

Aromatic Driv

Driv is a premium bread emulsifier in paste form that promotes softness and makes the dough elastic-like and easy to work with. The crumb of the loaf becomes elastic, and the emulsifier helps the bread keep its softness and moisture. It also produces a less sticky mixture when used with gluten-free doughs. Suitable for use in all kinds of yeast-raised doughs, such as white bread, hotdog & hamburger buns, brioches, croissants and sweet doughs. It can also be used for rusks, hard bread and cookies, which become more tender.


Lecisoft 1000 – 5000

Lecisoft is a powder-based bread improver which gives a softness over a more extended period, for all kinds of bread.