Bread Concentrates

Multiseed Bread

Multiseed Bread

A concentrate containing a wide range of multiple grains. This base is high in fibers, has a great flavour and gives an excellent volume. Contains a healthy mix of seeds such as linseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

gourmet bread

Gourmet Bread

A concentrate with a good characteristic taste that is ideal for your own flavouring. Suitable for breakfast bread, loaves, stone oven baked and sliced bread.

330 Maize

Maize Bread

A maize concentrate containing whole pieces of maize which gives the bread a characteristic taste and an inviting yellow colour.

328 pane_Maggia_

Pane Maggia Bread

A typical Pane Maggia Bread is rustic, large and round with a crispy crust and a coarse crumb, typical of the Maggia Valley in Switzerland, where the bread originates. Bake your own light and rustic Pane Maggia Bread with our tasteful concentrate.

tomato bread

Tomato Bread

A bread concentrate with tasty flavours of tomato, onion and oregano.