Ingredients & Solutions


Non Temp Dark

A high quality non-tempering coating with an excellent taste as fantastic as dark chocolate. Suitable for coating and moulding. Made from segregated palm oil. Does not contain any hydrogenated fat.

Dark Malt

Dark Baking Malt

Malt gives a characteristic flavour and improves the appearance of the bread. It facilitates the conversion of starch into sugar, which makes the bread more flavourful. Comes in a variety from light and mild to dark and strong.

Dry Yeast

Dry Yeast

Fast-acting active dry yeast with the same fermentation ability as fresh yeast.



Glazing agent egg alternative. Spray or brush onto sweet dough, puff pastry and other baked goods.

331 durum

Fermdor Durum

Fermdor Durum is a durum wheat-based sourdough powder. The aroma components are full-bodied and balanced with
an authentic Italian character. Baked goods have a greenish, milky flavour, with a flowery finish and a shiny, crispy crust. Used in all types of artisanal bakery products, in sliced bread, hamburger buns, baguettes, ciabatta, pizzas and even in cakes and cookies.

332 Fermdor_rustic

Fermdor Rustic

Fermdor Rustic is a speciality, wheat-based sourdough powder. Delivering a rustic character, achieved through the roasted
and malty-sweet notes. The baked good has an open, moist crumb and a shiny, crispy crust. The fruity, aroma components gives the product an authentic profile. Used in all types of artisanal bakery products and also including country bread, wholegrain bread and flatbread/pizzas.

fond royale

Fond Royale

Powder base to make bavaroise-, fresh cheese and yoghurt pastries, puddings and desserts.

fond suisse

Fond Suisse

A neutral base mix for light cake fillings with cream, yoghurt, juice, milk or water. The best results are achieved when 1/3 of the liquid is cream. Fruit, berries, nuts, chocolate or similar may be added to the filling.

Multiseed Bread

Multiseed Bread

A concentrate containing a wide range of multiple grains. This base is high in fibers, has a great flavour and gives an excellent volume. Contains a healthy mix of seeds such as linseed, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.