Ingredients & Solutions

gourmet bread

Gourmet Bread

A concentrate with a good characteristic taste that is ideal for your own flavouring. Suitable for breakfast bread, loaves, stone oven baked and sliced bread.



A mix for all kinds of coconut pastries. Only add water.


Lecisoft 1000 – 5000

Lecisoft is a powder-based bread improver which gives a softness over a more extended period, for all kinds of bread.

Light Malt

Light Baking Malt

Malts based on pure barley, rye or wheat harvested in northern Scandinavia. The range varies in flavour from mild and sweet to deep and robust.

330 Maize

Maize Bread

A maize concentrate containing whole pieces of maize which gives the bread a characteristic taste and an inviting yellow colour.

No bake choco

No Bake Choco

No bake cake mix with coconut and chocolate flavour. Only add melted margarine and water.

328 pane_Maggia_

Pane Maggia Bread

A typical Pane Maggia Bread is rustic, large and round with a crispy crust and a coarse crumb, typical of the Maggia Valley in Switzerland, where the bread originates. Bake your own light and rustic Pane Maggia Bread with our tasteful concentrate.


Pettinice Sugar White

Pettinice is a top-quality premium sugar paste with a delicious vanilla flavor. The paste is easily workable, making it fantastically easy to work with. It can be used for covering cakes, cookies, swiss rolls, and cupcakes, as well as for modeling and decoration.

Rye malt Powder

Rye malt powder

Malt can be used in a variety of applications for its flavour, colour and yeast boosting effect.